Welcome to the official website of TA Recordings. Take a look around the site for more information about the studio and the progress of our games. We hope you enjoy our work and stick with TA Recordings. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


News of Last Month

At our recent meeting we accomplished getting a lot of level ideas and backgrounds created for Obzorb. We have also added a free drum samples package to the site. The Contact us page is where you can sign up for the new TA RECORDINGS mailing list or get our e-mail to provide the studio with any questions or comments that you might have. There will also be an episode of the machine put up on the site soon.

We recently had a meeting, huzzah! Thankfully we had some time to brainstorm on current events in the studio. Some of us are currently on a very hectic schedule what with college and highschool and projects. Well, here are the new updates we present to you: PEM’s levels have been reduced from 60 to 30 levels due to time and conflict. Empyra had to be dropped from our current projects list because we do not have the time or man power to work on it (we are deeply disheartenend and we know you guys are too.) Markins Adventure is being postponed to be worked on after we release a basic game involving the Markins characters simply named “Markins”. Let us not forget the last but not least the installment of a new project know as “Obzorb”, you can check out information on this game on the Current Projects page. This concludes our update for this time, but don’t you worry, in a few more weeks we should have a lot more info coming at you, and maybe even an episode of “The Machine”.

New Lessons
School is back in session here! More meetings will be under way, and no more vacationing. Due to a programming error we experienced several weeks back, we were delayed in our progress of the game “PEM”. This error had finally been resolved a few weeks ago and since then we have been working on the game with no problems. The one factor we face now is finishing all of the many brain boggling levels in the game. As soon as the game is finished the team will jump right into our next game. We have been able to get some drum samples done since our programming error. We can’t wait to get feedback when PEM is completed and up on the site, unfortunately we are unable to issue a release date due to the same programming error.

Recording the best drum samples

Its summer and TA RECORDINGS is ready to kick some ass! I bet you can’t wait to see our new updates! So far we have a brand new episode of “The Machine” so check it out, we also have an exclusive new video called TA RECORDINGS behind the scenes #1. On that video you will be able to see the environment in which we create drum samples and just get a taste of what we do, and there will be more to come. Other updates include adding new pictures and updating the current projects page with new games. We have a brand new game in production that is due to be available to play in less than 3 weeks from now. You may also notice a “donate” bar on the home page, we are just throwing it out there in casual sense that if anyone wants to help Lost Planet get software and supplies to fund our meetings and produce games faster than before. We are not expecting any donations, we are independent, but if you would like to donate than feel free to do so. Thank you! We promise there will be more updates very soon.

Next Weekend
Next weekend there is a big TA RECORDINGS meeting scheduled. However there will be a smaller meeting this weekend in which we hope to accomplish some minor goals that will help out next weekends meeting. The “Current Projects” page has been updated with current information so I hope you enjoy that. If you noticed the forum was deleted, that is because no one was interested in it, and we believe that it just isn’t the right time for a forum to be up. It will return once we see that we are getting more comments and hits on the website. Next week, expect a new TA RECORDINGS talk episode, and some additional photos due to our release of prior members of the TA RECORDINGS Team. If you are interested make sure you go and check the “Join Us” Page! We are willing to make exceptions!

the drum studio
the drum studio

Currently we have a new episode of TA RECORDINGS Talk out! You’ll quickly realize that it is a lot different than what it used to be. We changed the name and everything; TA RECORDINGS Talk will now be called “The Machine” so I hope you enjoy the name change. Let us know what you think. The TA RECORDINGS Team thinks its more “tech” drum samples and flows well with the studio. The quality of our videos should also be slightly better, along with more video features. Check out the latest video by clicking on “The Machine” on the navigation bar. Yes work did get completed last weekend. We made sure we got plenty done. Expect some more secret projects in the future.